Enrolling Subjects
Stage 1 Is Completed
MagForce USA has completed Stage 1 of the Clinical Study. MagForce USA and its physician investigators developed a focal prostate cancer procedure based on commercially available targeted prostate biopsy technology used globally today. In Stage 1, ten patients were treated with this procedure and extensively monitored for side effects during the individual steps of the ablation procedure process. Initial findings show only minimal treatment related side effects, which were tolerable and similar to those commonly associated with biopsies.
Stage 2A Enrollment
In Stage 2A, the ablation procedure will be conducted in a single day. The goal of this stage is to demonstrate effectiveness of a single-day NanoTherm® ablative treatment procedure as well as confirm the associated minimal side effects seen in Stage 1.
Looking Ahead
Once Stage 2A is completed, MagForce USA plans to begin enrolling subjects who have Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer (as judged by Active Surveillance) and who are appropriate candidates for the focal ablative treatment process. These subjects will undergo the single NanoTherm® treatment followed by a targeted prostate biopsy three to five months after treatment to determine if the treatment was effective and to determine if no further definitive treatment is required.